If you are covered by health insurance you are strongly encouraged to consult with your health insurer to determine accurate information about your financial responsibility for a particular health care service provided at this health care facility. If you are not covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to contact Skyline Primary Care at (615) 859-8488 to discuss payment options prior to receiving a health care service from this health care facility since posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility. The health care price for any given health care service is an estimate and the actual charges for the health care service are dependent on the circumstances at the time the service is rendered.

Service Description Charge Amount
Office/outpatient visit established $203
Office/outpatient visit established $137
Depo testosterone cypionate (per unit/mg) usually 200mg/units ($0.10) $20
Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo Provera) 150mg/units $150
Preventative visit est age 40-64 (physical) $208
Immunization administration $69
AVW annual wellness visit (Mediare subsequent wellness visit) *not a physical $321 not a physical
Electrocardiogram complete $59
Preventative visit est age 18-39 (physical) $191
Urinalysis nonauto w/o scope (dip stick) $11
Flu vac no prsv 4 val 3 yrs+ $59
Routine venipuncture (blood draw) $9
Triamcinolone Injection 10 mgs (Kenalog 40 mg/unit) usually 40-60mgs $5
Office/outpatient visit new $204
Prothrombin time (PT) $17